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Put a Bow on Leftovers

You did it! The big holiday party was a hit, everyone had a great time, and an even greater meal. Now, what to do with all these leftovers?

Ham and Cheese

1. Boxing Day Brunch

After all that hard work, spending more time in the kitchen might be the last thing on your mind. Keep it simple on the morning after with breakfast sandwiches featuring last night’s ham. Just toast up an English muffin or croissant and pile on the meat, cheese, and eggs for a quick & hearty meal.

Bloody Mary bar

2. Hair of the Ham

Nothing beats a boozy brunch after party hosting, so why not complement your meal with an upgraded Bloody Mary bar. Start with your favorite bloody recipe and then stack left over ham, cheese cubes, olives, pickles and more onto skewers for a delicious garnish that looks as good as a gift.

Pork soup

3. Stew On It

Warm up your chilly post-celebration days by repurposing your leftover ham into hearty winter favorites like soups & stews. Split-pea is a savory classic that gets easily elevated with Smithfield ham, or breakout the slow-cooker and simmer a pot of bold and satisfying ham & bean stew.

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