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Fresh Pork

Steakhouse Mushroom Marinated Fresh Pork Loin Filet

Smithfield Marinated Steakhouse Mushroom Fresh Pork Loin Filet is freshly seasoned and marinated for mouthwatering flavor. This pork loin is View More expand_more

checkNo Artificial Ingredients
checkProduct of USA
check20g Protein Per Serving
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Marinated With Up To A 20% Solution of Water, Vinegar and Salt Rubbed With: Maltodextrin, Spices, Dehydrated Portobello Mushrooms, Dehydrated Onion, Onion Powder, Sea Salts, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Natural Smoke Flavor, Dextrose

Suggested Recipes

Portobello Pork Panini
45 mins
1 Servings
alarm45 mins
restaurant_menu1 Servings

Portobello Pork Panini
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