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Why Smithfield?

Why Smithfield Pork?

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality and safe U.S. born and bred products. And the USDA’s certification of our management practices confirms that we are living up to our commitments.

Features of USDA Process Verification

Quality Assurance

Smithfield’s Process Verified Program was developed to assure customers of safe, high-quality, source-verified meats that were produced in an environmentally responsible plant. This includes certification along every step through the use of USDA-approved processes, training and documentation.


The program also entails carefully managing the process from the farm through delivery to your neighborhood store. Every step of production is geared toward ensuring the traceability of the livestock to their farm of origin.

Commitment to Our Environment

Smithfield continually pushes the envelope in the research and development of innovative environmental technologies. Smithfield is the first in its industry to achieve International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) 14001 environmental certification for all of its U.S. production and processing facilities (with the exception of newly acquired facilities). What this means to the customer is the guarantee of the highest environmental standards in the Smithfield production process.

USDA Process Verified

Smithfield is a USDA Process Verified Company

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