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If you love meat as much as we do, then you love finding new ways to prepare it. Here are the newest ideas to do just that.


It’s not what side of the bed you wake up on. It’s what meat you wake up to. These breakfast recipes will make sure you start your day right, no matter what your morning looks like.

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If it’s a salad without diced ham: no thank you. If it’s a sandwich without bacon: pass. If it’s any of our satisfying lunch recipes: yes, please.

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What's for dinner? Time to bust out the big knives, because with these mouthwatering recipes, you'll always have an answer.

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We’re all just living between meats, aren’t we? Find the best way to get from one slice to the next with these snack ideas, none of which include almonds.

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An appetizer is the pre-game for your meal. If it includes anything wrapped in bacon, you're doing it right. Practice how you play with these easy appetizer recipes.

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If there’s no meat, it’s a side dish. If there is meat, it’s an even better side dish. Either way, you can find side dish ideas right here.

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Tailgating isn't just an activity, it's a lifestyle. It's an experience. Here's how you'll dominate the parking lot this season.

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Summer doesn’t start until the first rack of ribs hits the grill. Find the best ways to bring the heat from the charcoal to the oven rack with these sizzling summer selections.

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Bring over something that will finally impress the in-laws this holiday season. Smithfield's got your special occasion covered with these delectable holiday eats.

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